Men's Futsal

1Toronto Idolo Futsal960336261018
2Toronto United FC952237271017
3Futsal Club Toronto95042923615
4Umsc Futsal94233630614
5GTA Futsal93063139-89
6Atomic FC Futsal92072448-246

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1Adrian PerezToronto United FC37
2Adrian PenaUmsc Futsal36
3Azaiah ReidToronto Idolo Futsal33
4Adrian IbanezGTA Futsal31
5Brandon Emanuel LimaFutsal Club Toronto29
6Adriano ANDRADEAtomic FC Futsal24

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Boys U11 D2 (2009)
Aur Bu11 D2PreRHW Bu11 D2
Knsc Bu11d2PreWDG Bu11 D2
RHG Bu11 D2PreUmsc Bu11 D2
Thor Bu11 D2PreVaut2 Bu11d2
Vaut3 Bu11d2PreMKW Bu11d2

Boys U12 D2 (2008)
Aury Bu12 D2PreThor Bu12 D2
Vaut3 Bu12d2PreVaut4 Bu12 D
WDG Bu12 D2PreOR Bu12 D2
New Bu12 D2PreWssc Bu12 D2
RH Bu12 D2PreMKW Bu12 D2

Girls U11 D2 (2009)
Aury Gu11 D2PreKnsc Gu11 D2
MKW Gu11 D2PreVau Gu11 D2

Girls U12 D2 (2008)
VauT2 Gu12D2PreAury Gu12 D2
Bye Gu12 D2PreVaut3 Gu12d2
Wdw Gu12 D2PreKing Gu12 D2


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